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hanuman chalisa

I will tell you about a chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa.

Friends today will devoutly depict a chaupi of Saint Tulsidas, "Sankat te Hanuman chudavai" Tulsidas ji did not say that there is a huge difference in saving, saving and rescuing Hanuman from distress, if a person can be saved from a distance, like someone In case of a police case, you go to some big person and tell them that it has happened.

benefits of reading hanuman chalisa 108 times

He says okay, we say or call, now it is not necessary to give full response on the phone? There can also be avoidance, so the rescuer can go far away, but if he is rescued, then by going near, to take the snatch out of someone's hand, whenever there is a crisis on the devotee, Hanumanji does not save it from a distance but instead comes close and delivers.

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Gentlemen! There was a religious king named Supanth, once a saint conference was going to be held in Ayodhya, then saints were also going to have a visit to the saint conference, Naradji got on the way, bowed and said, where are you going? Said that I am going to see the saints in the conference, Naradji said, go and bow to all the saints, but there will be Brahmrishi Vishwamitra, he is a Kshatriya, do not bow down to the Kshatriyas.

benefits of reading hanuman chalisa 100 times

The glory of Hanumanji and the influence of the name of God may also be wanted to reveal Narada, Suptap said like you have commanded, Supta cried, but did not Vishvamitra, then Kshatriya has this arrogant nature, Vishwamitra said this courage, Did not bow to me in a full meeting, so if I forget it, then if nothing is done intentionally, action is seen.

Vishwamitra got angry and ran to God and asked that Raghav such a big injustice in your state, such a big insult to the gurus and saints? God said what happened Gurudev? Said, that king did not bow down to me, he should be punished, God said that if this is the case then tomorrow the death penalty is declared.

When Suvanta came to know that the death sentence had been declared and that too Ramji had vowed that I would eat at the feet of Gurudev, saying that by tomorrow sunset his life would come to an end, here Laxmanji looked at the Lord in great fury. 

And asked God, what is the matter? God said that a crime is happening today, how? Said King Suvant of the Kaivalya country has insulted Gurudev.

And I have pledged that I will kill them tomorrow, Laxmanji said, Maharaj never comes to you tomorrow, you also told Sugriva, tomorrow I will kill it, I think there is going to be something black in the pulses, do not say, this is my promise It is, Uther Suptap started crying, then Naradji appeared, said what happened?

miracles of hanuman chalisa

God said that we have slaughtered our slaughter, good will be slaughtered by the hand of God, it is good luck, death is inevitable, death cannot be avoided, Supant said it is amazing that you provoked it. He is now saying, Naradji said that I can tell you a way, I will not come in the midst of God, what is the way? He said that you go to Anjani's mother and cry.

Only Anjana Maa can protect you through Hanumanji, there is such a big crisis and no one else will be able to save, Supant Mata reached Anjaniji's house and Anjani beat her mother's house and wept crying, mother is mother, what is the matter is? Why are you crying son? Protect mother, protect mother, whom to protect? Said Mary protect me, mother said, I promise that no one can kill you, I will protect you, tell me it is right.

hanuman miracles stories

Supant told the whole incident but the mother had promised, said, "No problem, you should rest inside, Hanumanji came, bowed to the mother, looked at the mother a little anxiously, then what is the mother?" Mother said, I have made a vow to protect the refugee, and you have to protect it, Hanumanji said how does mother talk? If you order, then the defense will be done on its own.

Mata said, first make a pledge, saying, I swear by the feet of Lord Shri Ram, that the person who has come to your shelter will be protected, Mother called the king, he said, "Who is going to kill?" Lord Ramji has said that Lord Hanuman has said, "Man, you have trapped me in trouble, the world used to sing, let Hanuman get rid of the crisis, today you put Hanuman in trouble."

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