Diabetes - 5 healthy diet should be adopted which is rich in protein, calcium | treatment can also be done by injecting insulin

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After identifying diabetes

it is also important to know how diabetes can be treated.

Generally, people suffering from diabetes do not get rid of it because they do not know the right treatment for diabetes.

Therefore, people suffering from diabetes can get rid of diabetes by following these methods-

Adopt healthy diet - 

The easiest way to treat diabetes is to control your diet.

For this, healthy diet should be adopted which is rich in protein, calcium etc.

Taking medicines- 

Often, doctors give some medicines to treat diabetes.

These medicines help in curing diabetes, which gives relief to the person suffering from diabetes.

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Exercise - 

As explained above, one reason for diabetes is not to excise.

Therefore, in treating it, exercising may prove to be a better option.

Control weight - 

Controlling weight is effective in treating diabetes.

For this reason, diabetes sufferers can adopt this method and bring BMI in their body in normal amounts.

Injecting insulin- 

Sometimes, insulin treatment can also be done by injecting insulin.

Surgery - When the person suffering from diabetes is not relaxed in any way, then bariatric surgery is the only option left for him.

In bariatric surgery, excess body fat is removed in a medical way, which can be used to treat diabetes.

What can be the side effects of diabetes? (Side-effects of diabetes in Hindi)

 It is believed that if a disease is not treated at the right time, it takes serious form after some time.

This also applies to diabetes as it has been observed that if the diabetes is not treated at the right time, then the person suffering from it may face these 5 side-effects-

Lack of sleep- 

People suffering from diabetes feel very nervous.

Because of this, they have trouble sleeping and their sleep is not complete.

Headache - Often, it has been seen that people have the problem of having headaches when they have diabetes.

Visibility - Diabetes also affects other parts of the body after some time and the person suffering from diabetes starts having trouble in seeing.

Although it is possible to treat this (visible) problem, it can take a serious form if it is not taken care of for some time.

Organ dysfunction-

 As explained above, diabetes also affects many organs of the human body.

Because of this, the pancreas stops functioning, which can only be treated by pancreas transplant.

Heart attack- Every year, many people die due to heart attack.

Most of these heart attacks are due to diabetes, which is why diabetes becomes very important just in time.

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