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causes of diabetes

Diabetes can happen to any person, there can be many reasons.

Thus, diabetes can occur mainly due to the following reasons-

Being overweight- 

People who are overweight are more likely to have diabetes.

Being 40 or older- 

Generally, diabetes disease is seen in people 40 or older.

Any other member of the family suffering from diabetes- There are many diseases that spread among the family members. These include diabetes.

Therefore, if any other family member of a person is suffering from diabetes, then the chances of getting diabetes can increase to a great extent.

Being a victim of BP or any heart disease- 

Often, there are cases of diabetes in which it starts with BP or any heart related disease.

Not having physical activity-

 If a person does not do any physical activity, then the risk of developing diabetes is greatly increased.

How to identify diabetes? 

Successful treatment of diabetes is possible by identifying diabetes at the right time as explained above.

Therefore, if a person has a dilemma of diabetes, then he can overcome this dilemma by identifying diabetes in these 7 ways-

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Taking BMI test - 

The easiest way to identify diabetes is to take BMI (18.5–24.9) test.

A person who has a high BMI (over 30) is more likely to have diabetes.

Fasting plasma glucose test- 

Many times, fasting plasma glucose test is also done to identify diabetes.

In this test, a person's empty stomach blood sugar level is examined and it is ascertained whether the blood sugar level in the body is at normal level.

Postprandial blood sugar test - 

Just the opposite of the fasting plasma glucose test, when a test is done after eating breakfast, it is called postprandial blood sugar test.

When a person has blood sugar (more than 200) in this test, it is confirmed that he has diabetes.

Oral glucose tolerance test- 

The most common way to identify diabetes type 2 is oral glucose tolerance test.

In this test, glucose is added to the human body and then blood samples are collected to find out how fast the glucose separates from the blood.

Random Plasma Glucose Test - A test that detects the amount of glucose in the blood of a person's body is called a random plasma glucose test.

HbA1c test- 

Often, diabetes is also identified by examining hemoglobin.

The HBA1c test is the most effective way to test hemoglobin.

When a person has 8% hemoglobin in this test, it confirms diabetes.

Fructozamine test- 

There is also a fructosamine test to identify diabetes, which checks the total amount of fructozamine in the blood.

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